Property of Texas

I was born on Texas Independence day 1991 in the rolling hill country of Austin, Texas. I don’t know if it was fate or just a coincidence but I knew from a young age how much I loved Texas. The son of a Yankee from Princeton, New Jersey and a small town girl from Wichita Falls, Texas I was destined to be a Texas mutt. Raised pee-ing in the yard and thinking my dog was my brother I grew up like a Tarzan baby, in the best way possible. Our home, sitting on a huge cliff facing the West, and adjacent to a private section of the Barton Creek greenbelt, was the perfect doorway to the wild hills of Austin, and boy did I explore. Confined by nothing but the amount of light in the sky I was free to wander the woods with my dog. These years were what changed me for the rest of my life.